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As trusted advisors, Sustene Global enables you to achieve your economic and net-zero goals through our advisory and capital services.


Resiliency, Transformation & Growth

The future starts with a vision.

Whether your vision is crystal clear or still taking shape, Sustene Global is with you every step of the way. Our team of advisors will help you build a vision of the future that balances meeting the human, natural, and financial needs of today with the need to anticipate and adapt to change in the future.

Bringing your vision to life requires the right blend of expertise and partnership. At Sustene Global, we draw upon our wealth of experience and our global network of partners to translate your vision into sustainable communities that unite people, planet, and profit for the betterment of all.

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Sustainability & Decarbonization Strategy

Assessment, Visioning & Strategy | Stakeholder Alignment | Smart Buildings and Green Campuses | Portfolio Value Creation & Roadmap

Master Planning

Blueprinting | Site Selection | Government & Legal | Infrastructure & Construction | Ecosystem Partner Strategy & Management | Marketing & Leasing | Operations & Maintenance

Project Execution & Orchestration

Engagement Management Office | Organizational Change Management | Requirements Gathering & Validation | Agile Backlog Grooming | Sprint Planning


Modernization & Optimization

How will you power your future?

Our team of industry experts will help you understand your needs and identify opportunities to transform your energy supply to more scalable, dependable, sustainable and adaptable options. Through our network of vetted suppliers and vendors, we can source and secure the best options for your energy needs today and prepare for your future energy needs. Our comprehensive approach includes solar, wind, geothermal, water, hydrogen, mobility, and the connections required to keep them working in harmony.

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Energy Strategy

Energy Visioning | Needs Assessment | Requirements Mapping | Energy Planning | Feasibility & Impact Studies | Capability & Utilization Analysis

Power Systems & Solutions

Grid Modernization | Off-Taker Strategy, Narrative & Prioritization | Energy Acquisition | Power Purchase Agreements | Infrastructure & Automation Solutions


Emerging Technology & Solution Development

The future is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and it’s clear successful organizations will need to leverage technologies and approaches that don’t yet exist. To be truly successful, you will need a visionary partner who can see the same sustainable future you do: one where innovation is seamlessly woven into everything.

Sustene Global specializes in harnessing emerging technologies and tapping into cutting-edge thinking to turn your vision into reality. With our innovative community capacity building, we will transform your organization into a future-ready, resilient powerhouse that thrives in an ever-changing landscape.

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Innovation Planning

Scenario Planning | Innovation Workshops | Design Thinking, Empathy & Journey Mapping | Innovation Capacity Building

Digital Solutions

Digital Development | Digital Transformation | Data Analytics | Generative AI & Machine Learning | Smart Buildings & Green Campuses


Funding and Resources

Building the future requires a thoughtful and coordinated combination of public and private investment. With our dynamic funding database at your fingertips, our advisors can help you unlock capital, form partnerships, and access the financial resources needed to share costs and distribute risk across the sustainability lifecycle.

Our team is dedicated to working alongside you to identify funding opportunities that align with your sustainability goals and values. Whether you’re new to sustainability and looking to get started or an established organization looking to expand your sustainability initiatives, Sustene Global is here to help you access the funding needed to build the future.

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Capital Strategy

Capital Stack Assessment | Investor Strategy | Investment Planning | Economic Analysis & ROI | Special Purpose Vehicles | Roadmap to Capital

Capital Matching & Climate Investment

Investor Narrative | Investor Pitch Planning | Mergers & Acquisitions | Due Diligence | Capital Negotiations | Public, Private & Philanthropic Partnerships

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